Chapter Volunteerism Stats

Below are the total volunteer hours reported from 1/1/2014 to 4/24/2014 ranked by Chapter:

    Tot Hrs Mmbr Avg     Tot Hrs Mmbr Avg
1. Puerto Rico 70.5 0.1 6. New Jersey 14 0.05
2. Houston 54.5 0.14 7. St. Louis 8 0.08
3. Atlanta 47 0.07 8. Pennsylvania 7 0.44
4. North Carolina 39.5 0.12 9. South Florida 7 0.01
5. Orange County, CA 23 0.24 10. D.C. 4 0.07

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National Announcements
04/22/2014 HACEMOS Amendments to Bylaws Approved by General Membership! Updated Bylaws Effective 4/14/14

An HACEMOS Bylaw Committee, appointed by the National Executive Board, reviewed our bylaws which were last amended in Feb-07. As a result of our organization’s growth, chapter alignment, company support and funding, and officer roles and responsibilities, the committee proposed amendments to the bylaws.

The amendments to the bylaws were submitted to the Chapter Presidents and NEB and based on a plurality vote, these bylaw amendments were approved to go to membership for a vote. The general membership voted and the majority (98.3%) approved the amendments. Our updated bylaws are effective 4/14/2014.

Read our Updated Bylaws located in our tSpace Community.
04/01/2014 AT&T Recognized for Hispanic Inclusion

The Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility (HACR) has given a nearly perfect rating of 95 out of 100 to AT&T on their Corporate Inclusion Index (CII) – the highest rating of any company surveyed. The survey measures how committed companies are to including Hispanics in their employment, procurement, philanthropy, and governance. More details!

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